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Habitus is a trends and statistics calculator for Harsh.

The trend categories are inspired by Tickmate.

It uses the log file at $HOME/.config/harsh/log as the data source. The following statistics are calculated: total number of occurrences, current and longest streak and break, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly mean values, and 1- and 2-week, 1,3,6-month and 1-year trends, including percent change.

Installation and Usage

Have Python 3 installed. There are no other requirements (not even Harsh itself).

Place the executable in your $PATH give it execution permissions. Type habitus to see your tracks' trends and statistics. Type habitus followed by the track name to show the trends and statistics of a single track. There is no persistent configuration of any kind.

Other Notes

This program is free software, released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.

The program's canonical project page resides at

I gratefully accept appreciation for my work in material form at bitcoincash:qrmc2w3emlhy36tuuy4p7wj6gvdtg3usnu0c4zyfwp.