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A visual hash generator

tridenticon is a library and script that can be used to generate visually appealing, milti-colored, immediately recognizable icons from arbitrary data.

To use as a library:

import tridenticon
# Generate identicon -> PIL.Image()
image = tridenticon.generate('Some arbitrary data', scale=8)
# Display and save image'tridenticon.png')

To use from the command line:

./ 'Some arbitrary data' 8

Example icons, as produced by --test:

example icons

Other Notes

This program is free software, released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more information.

The program's canonical project page resides at

I gratefully accept appreciation for my work in material form at bitcoincash:qp9ctaaz4rczxwf06wv34mq0ffv9gcvcfsm3sc9nuc.