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A reverse task scheduler

autorun-parts is a crude, deficient, bug-ridden reimplementation of cron.

Well, not really. More accurately, it's a kind of "reverse task scheduler"; What it does is iterate through a directory with scripts and execute the ones that "want" to be executed. A script is considered "wanting" to be executed when the system time matches a cron-like schedule string inside the script. The syntax of the cron-string is as follows:

#@ minute hour day month weekday

Where all values are numeric (including weekday, which is the weekday number as printed by date +%w) and #@ is a literal #@. A small subset of cron notation is supported: using * as "any" and passing several alternate field values in a comma-separated list.

After you have added the cron-string to your script files, have autorun-parts execute with your preferred scheduler, with the paths of your script directories as the arguments.

To indicate to autorun-parts that you are executing it less frequently than every minute and that some of the time marks in the cron-string should not be taken into account when deciding whether it is time to run a script, specify one of the following frequency flags as the first argument:

-h    hourly (minutes are ignored)
-d    daily (hours and minutes are ignored)
-m    monthly (days, hours and minutes are ignored)

The weekday mark is always honored.

Other Notes

This program is free software, released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more information.

The program's canonical project page resides at

I gratefully accept appreciation for my work in material form at bitcoincash:qp9ctaaz4rczxwf06wv34mq0ffv9gcvcfsm3sc9nuc.