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ZDoomRL: Gameplay Modifications for DoomRL Arsenal


This is a set of addon/modifications for DoomRL Arsenal, intended to make the game more interesting to play, without being overly feature-creepy. In fact, most of the features are packaged separately and can be used independently of each other. And, as with DoomRL Arsenal itself, these can be used with any map pack.

These addons were developed as single-player modifications. They were not tested in multiplayer, and it is unknown whether or not they will work there, and to what extent.


Install acc; Run make from the top-level directory, then pass any or all of the resulting PK3 files as -file arguments to ZDoom, after DoomRL Arsenal's.

The individual Make recipes for the included mods are provided in parenthesis. You can use the bundle recipe to bundle all the PK3 files you made into a single file, zdoomrl.pk3, to simplify your ZDoom command line.

Zeta-Dimensional Shopping System

(Make recipe: zetashop)

This modification adds a shop, in which you can sell off any unneeded weapons and items (which you keep finding, but always regret having to leave behind), accumulate credits and use them to give yourself an edge in your next unlucky playthrough.

The main features include:

  • Sell off any unneeded weapons and items;
  • Buy any of the items you have previously found;
  • A long list of unlockables to unlock;
  • A life insurance system to help you cheat death, if you have the cash;
  • Get bounties for playing Doom in a normal way;
  • Keep your accomplishments across playthroughs;
  • Use a special inventory item to pick up any items that happened to drop in an inaccessible location.

Press the Activate Shop button (default: /) to trigger a sale or open the shop.

Use the bestiary console command to print the bestiary.

Your player data is saved in the background, usually within two seconds of any change. You can disable this from the DoomRL Arsenal Options menu and save manually with the saveplayer console command. To reset your player data to its initial, blank state, use the resetplayer console command.

Nuclear Barrel Early Warning System

(Make recipe: nukebarrel)

This modification marks nuclear barrels, the bane of your one-death, no-saves playthrough, on the automap. When used with Zeta-Dimensional Shopping System, picking up a tracking map will reveal their positions to you. When used standalone, their positions will be revealed to you on level start.

Always UV

(Make recipe: alwaysuv)

This modification removes all difficulty levels and locks the difficulty on Ultra Violence. With this, skill selection during New Game is skipped, letting you jump into action faster. With both this and No Perks, the game starts immediately.

alwaysuv.pk3 must be passed to ZDoom after the DoomRL Arsenal Monsters package for the change to take effect.

No Perks

(Make recipe: noperks)

This modification removes all player classes and lets you play as the default, perkless variant. With this, player class selection during New Game is skipped, letting you jump into action faster. With both this and Always UV, the game starts immediately.

noperks.pk3 must be passed to ZDoom after the main DoomRL Arsenal package for the change to take effect.

Other Notes

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