Learning about me is simple. Just decode the following code block, which contains all the relevant information in a handy, condensed, neatly organized manner:

--------------------- OmniCode 0.1.8 ---------------------
sxy cm175 kg50 ske7dbbf&efc7a7.arms;face ha2f211a
eya9afb5.varies es= sp= Ag1982.10.31 anE.USSR hdd
Lo32,6N-34,47E GM+2DN ZoS.western&B.sideral&d
LARU(9)&EN(8)&IW(7)&UK(4) Edp(4) rl? Pl? RlM Kd1x1y&+
PeC Crt.logistics&P.freelance Hbmusic.composition&gaming.retro
MBINTJ FHS BA- MvW&B&D IN4.WiFi;ADSL AdI.information&C.tea;chocolate
-------- OmniCode (http://simonvolpert.com/omnicode/) --------

For your convenience, here is an OmniCode decoder. To learn more about it, have a look at the OmniCode specification which is also maintained by me.

Everything not mentioned here can easily be recovered by observation and/or questioning. It's really hard to have secrets on the Internet.

Contacting me

The preferred (and most reliable) means of contacting me is my email. Messages coming from me are always signed with a GPG key with the ID 0x5910CF33.

I can also occasionally be reached through IRC on the QuakeNet and FreeNode networks. Just connect to either of those and try sending a /query to Simon-v.