Contact Information

I can be reached via Signal. You will need to figure out the correct number yourself.

Lower priority communications should go to my email as simon on this server. Messages coming from me are always signed with a PGP key with the ID 0xF76BA194.

I keep a microblog on a Pleroma federated social server at

I am currently or was in the past active in the following communities (that i am willing to admit):

I am no longer active in following communities:


I am responsible for a series of things, with varying levels of obscurity.


I wrote some music. Some of it survived the test of time.

Software and Games

Occasionally, i make software, usually to satisfy a particular need of mine. A few of the more universally useful examples are published. The most significant of those are:

Mirrors of the repositories are kept at GitHub and GitLab, though those are not guaranteed to always be up-to-date.


I wrote some short stories. Some of them survived the test of time.